Monday, March 30, 2009

Some more...

My recent return to being behind the bar has me reminiscing a little bit. As I mentioned before, it's a far cry from the bars I've worked at in the past, but the simple act of pouring a drink, a shot, or a beer is much too familiar to not associate it with the years I spent doing it in Athens.

The years I spent off of Clayton Street downtown had me interacting with some of the best people I had met in my life, and some of the worst. It's easy to look back now with a much more accurate view as to what it was all really like.

I had so much fun working at the bars, and also felt some of the most extreme emotions in my life. I saw some of my relationships come and go because of my work. Laughed until my sides and my face hurt, and cried when we all lost someone we loved. I found myself scared to death at times, and more often bored out of my mind. I saw the sun rise from the rooftops more times than I can count, and toasted countless numbers of shots and beers late nighting with my coworkers and friends hundreds of times, at least. I met friends who I would be close with for only a few weeks, or only a night, and some friends that have lasted from the very beginning until this day. I had the worst hangovers I've ever experienced and got the drunkest I'd ever been in the bars I spent an untold number of hours in working and drinking (most of the time both). In the bar business there are so many shady characters lurking around, yet I was lucky enough to surround myself with the honest ones, the ones who would back you up at the drop of a hat, and the ones who I trusted my life with.

Unfortunately, my new posts probably won't be of much interest to whatever readers I had in Athens, simply because it will probably be much tougher to relate to it now in the much more upscale place I work at now. The clientele is older and much more under control, however, if the past has taught me anything, alcohol can affect everyone and I'm sure to have some funny things to share on here.

I seriously doubt I'll be choking anyone anytime soon, or asking anyone to leave the premises (yes, it really is that tame), and the most exciting thing I'll get to do is cut someone off (with the managements approval, of course) but I hope to revitalize this blog with something of substance soon. Stay tuned.

A Return?

Well, I'm back.

But probably not in the way that you'd think that I'm back. However, I have found myself in the bar business, so to speak, again.

I'm back behind a bar making drinks for people once more. But it's not what you'd expect from a former door guy who stood in front of a bar in Athens and checked ID's for the better part of a decade.

There's two things you should know about my new little adventure. Scratch that - there's three things you should know:

1) It's not in Athens.

2) It's a far cry from your typical downtown Athens bar (read: I don't serve blacked-out college kids any more).

3) I'm hoping that I can share some things about it with anyone who cares about this blog at all. Which is probably about four people. But what the fuck, who cares?

Here's to some new shit coming up soon, I hope.