Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joseph Mills... Again.

I'm coming out of "retirement" briefly to post on the latest development of Joseph Mills.  This was in the Athens Banner-Herald today.  Our good friend has had another run in with the law, and this time for lurking in a gated neighborhood. 

If you remember, I posted about this weirdo and now convicted sexual predator multiple times over the years of my employment downtown.   Not surprisingly, he's violated his probation multiple times at this point, has spent almost a year in jail, and he's still out there being a fucking shithead creepster.  There's no telling what girls house he was sitting outside of.  I hope the cops canvassed the neighborhood, because I guarantee you she knows who he is.  

At this point, years and years later, I can admit to everyone that I had a hand in getting this fucktard arrested.  In fact, I was out one evening drinking my sorrows and troubles away back in 2007 and came home fairly late (as in, late enough that the ABH website had been updated with the next days edition) to find a composite drawing of our good friend on the front page.  I immediately recognized him, and the rest is history.  I have no regrets for rolling over on this now convicted sexual offender, and if you've ever read any of the things I've stated in this blog over the years, I don't take kindly to anyone mistreating the ladies.  

Athens-Clarke County:  PUT THIS FUCKING SEXUAL PREDATOR AWAY.  Probation isn't going to do it.  He's not going to change.  He's got all the hallmarks of a dangerous predator quickly heading down a slippery slope, and the scary part is that he's just getting started.  It won't be long until the lurking and stalking and groping and spying and molesting drunk UGA girls downtown turns into rape, and possibly worse.

Do the right thing.  The judge needs to sign the arrest warrant.  The prosecutor needs do his job & lock this kid up for the remainder of his probation, and if possible, much, much longer.  

Be safe out there.