Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch it

When I spend 7-8 hours a night playing babysitter for grown men and women, it comes as no surprise that after work sometimes we all just want to sit back and have a beer. Sometimes there's a late night party somewhere and we'll drink more than one beer, sometimes we'll all go hang out at one of our houses or apartments, and sometimes we'll raid a pool at one of our apartments and go swimming and drinking until the sun comes up, much like these kids did.

I guess the only real difference is that we're all of age and they're not.

I just can't believe these alcohol-related stories continue to be newsworthy enough to regularly be printed in the paper.


Oh, the horror.

My own opinion on the drinking age aside, who the fuck really cares if a bunch of frat boys and sorority girls were caught drinking at a pool at an apartment complex? Print something a little more interesting. And on that same note, go to any pool at any number of college apartment complexes at 2pm on a friday or saturday and you'll get 20x more arrests for underaged drinking than they got from this little bust at 4am early on a Saturday morning.


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