Friday, August 24, 2007


To every card-carrying, under-aged frat boy, I issue the following statement and recommendation:

You look like you're 18. You act like you're 18. You may as well have a large, flashing, neon sign above your head that says "Freshman". If you were hot shit in high school then I've got a newsflash for you: This isn't high school. And I may have been generous last night by not calling you all on your bullshit, but because these are the first few weeks of school, that's how I try to be: Generous.

Your little antics downtown may be tolerated, at least temporarily, by myself, but there are plenty of other doormen downtown who are bigger and badder than I am who would throw your skinny ass in the gutter without batting an eye. Calling us names doesn't fly. I'm sorry you're dressed up in ridiculous costumes for your social, but no one forced you at gunpoint to put on clothes that make you look like a bad attempt at replicating a cross dressing transsexual. Behave yourself, for Gods sake. See the last 6 months of posting I've done and figure out how the fuck not to act while you're making my life a living hell.

And oh yea, nobody gives a flying fuck what fraternity you're in.


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