Thursday, August 23, 2007

Countdown til Doomsday..

It's official. 9 days and counting until the start of the football season here in Athens. It's a home game against Oklahoma State and it starts at 6:45pm.

So this is the timeframe that we'll likely be working with on that particular Saturday.

12pm(ish): The tailgating will start all over Athens. This is good because with earlier games, tailgating started as early at 7am. A 12pm start means enough rest for everyone, plus a solid 6 hours of drinking beforehand. Drunkenness.

6:00pm: Most people tailgating start walking - some staggering - towards the stadium. This can be a treacherous journey for some, depending on how many beers they shotgunned and/or funneled in the last 6 hours. Many are lost along the way and never make it in

6:45pm: Kickoff. Drunken screaming. Bulldawg barking. More booze that was smuggled in is consumed inside the stadium.

8pm: Multiple persons are escorted out of the stadium for various reasons. Nearly all are alcohol related. M.I.P. arrests are numerous by the UGA police.

10pm(ish) The game ends. 92,000+ people disperse. Those who have survived the tailgating and the game and want even more begin the half-mile or so walk downtown to continue drinking. During the next 4 hours, pandemonium reigns and I, most likely, will be positioned as the gatekeeper to try and keep the kids (remember, everyone's drunk so they're all toddlers regardless of age, unsteady on their feet and apt to vomit at any moment) that shouldn't be inside, outside. Despite my best efforts, intoxicated individuals swarm my place of employment, and in the process completely trash the place. The streets are totally clogged with pedestrians. The cops have their hands full all night. And me? I pray for 2am so I can close the door and not let anyone in. If you're claustrophobic, I'd advise you to stay in on this night.

Yes. 11 days.

In other news, The Globe was rated the #1 bar in America. Good times.


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