Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Go Buy It

If you like my blog, on any imaginable level, then you need to go buy this book. Now. Go now and finish reading this entry when you get back. Get off your ass and get to Barnes and Noble.

You probably won't finish my entry though, though. You'll be hooked on the book by the time you get back. It only came out yesterday. I read it in one day. And it's a good book. It's a really good book. For obvious reasons, I can relate to it. He's a bouncer. I'm a bouncer. We're all bouncers. It's all good.

More so, I can relate to this book because Rob based the book around the premise that he's failed in practically every area of his life. That's why somebody becomes a bouncer is because he's got no other choice. That's why he did it. Then he figured out - or was reminded - that he's pretty damn good at bouncing. Then he figured out he's pretty damn good at writing. So then he wrote a book about it. And I gotta say, it's good. At least from my perspective.

I'm not one to compare myself to a big dude like Rob who has bounced in clubs all over NYC, but the part that struck me the most was the fact that I've fucked up my life too. Although the difference is I didn't turn to working in a bar because of my own fuck ups, working in a bar helped to cause a lot of my fuck ups.

College has been postponed indefinitely, a relationship that was very important to me recently went down the drain - primarily because of the bar - and I don't have a solid plan for the future. I'm a poster boy for wasting my life. Thanks, downtown Athens.

And throughout his book, Rob makes this abundantly clear about himself. But the book ends on a hopeful note.

I hope that I can do the same for myself sometime soon.


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