Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Again, another article about downtown and drink prices, bouncer training, etc...

So while I really have no personal problems with these proposals - besides, of course, my objections to the government sticking its nose into my business - I continue to see little to no personal accountability for the customers who choose to drink themselves retarded. Bad things are going to happen to people who are hammered.

Please don't take that statement in the wrong way, though. Victims of sexual assaults are exactly that: victims. But wouldn't it be an intelligent decision when going downtown to stay with your group of friends, not leave your drinks unattended, not go over to strange peoples homes or apartments whom you meet downtown, and not drink yourself past the point of good decision making, and just overall have some good, old fashioned common sense? Wouldn't that be a great deterrent against sexual assaults?

To leave yourself to the mercy of friends, or worse, to anyone who happens by you while you're passed out on the sidewalk, laying in your own puke, seems like a situation most women would want to avoid. Because eventually, someone will come by with intentions that are not in your best interest.

But the truth is, I've seen it. Dozens upon dozens of times night after night. I've helped many of these people get in touch with their friends, hail a cab, whatever. I do what I can, but I certainly can't say every other employee of every other bar downtown would do the same. Much less a random jackass who happens to walk by.

So...I sincerely hope legislation like the one in the article helps, especially with sexual assaults - I really do - but Suzy sorority girl and Johnny frat boy with mommy and daddys credit card won't give a flying fuck if a vodka & cranberry is $1 or $5, they're going to drink themselves into oblivion anyway, and bad things will continue to happen. And until the all knowing Athens-Clarke County government can figure out a way to prevent underaged, overprivleged college kids from going downtown, drinking, doing stupid shit, and harming other people in the process, the problems will remain.

So I say again....

Put the focus on the fucking customers, not the bars!!!


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely agree- and seeing as Athens has just shut down the Sexual Assault center, any preventative educational services regarding date-rape, or as I have recently heard "suprise sex", will be more difficult to come across. So theoretically alcohol consumption and sexual responsibilty choices are left in the hands of either bar owners or patrons. And it's just not your job to be the instructive parents these poor fucks never had. "Now Timmy, when she's throwing up on your cock, she's probably too drunk to blow you." So sadly, that responsibility is left to the uneducated, selfish, and inconsiderate masses. Thank god the UGA Health Center tosses out the Morning After Pill like Halloween candy.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger AthensDoorGuy said...

I agree, nicely put.


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