Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've got a problem with how clubs and bars operate among employees. Especially one with a larger staff. Especially one that happens to be a fairly popular nightlife spot.

I can't speak for too many other places, but in my experience, a lot of bartenders come across as thinking they're hot shit. Particularly at the spot I work at, many of the bartenders have an issue with the door guys. And vice versa.

You're a star bartender at a hot bar, you've got a hot body and are used to the drunken, sweaty fratboy customers drooling all over you and filling up those tip jars. So naturally, you're pissed when a lowly door guy gets a bartending shift, thus leaving you with the night off. That damned door guy stole your bartending shift!

So you bitch. And whine. And call us overpaid and underworked. All we do is sit at the door and look at IDs, right? Maybe pick up a few cups and glasses on the floor? No big deal. We don't do shit. We get way too much money for what we do. We don't deserve a bartending shift where you can walk out with a pocketful of cash.

But you?'ve definitely earned your spot on the bartending staff. Look at everything you had to go through to get that spot! You had to fill out an application and work really hard to get hired. Door guys only have to train for 3 other spots after getting hired and wait up to a year before they get a shot behind the bar. That's nothing. They don't deserve it. But you do. Cause you're hot.

So as for me? I stay the fuck away from behind the bar. I've done it all before. A lot. And I don't particularly like it. I'm happy in my own little world, and God forbid I poke the bear known as the bartenders, and attract their rage in my direction.

Because as we know, I don't do shit anyway. And I get paid for it.

Shh...don't tell management.

On a sidenote, most kids are moving back up to Athens this week, and next weekend the dorms open up for move-in! The freshmen happen to stay at the dorms, so I expect nothing less than a fun-filled weekend of hilarious antics by drunken 18 year olds. Notable happenings will be promptly posted on here. Rest assured if it's on here, I was laughing at them.


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