Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventures with Idiots

So there's a guy who recently was thrown out of our bar. Twice, actually. This particular gentleman thought that it was okay for him and his buddy to get incredibly drunk and yell in each others face in the middle of a rather crowded area of the bar that's like a gold mine, if your version of gold is fights.

It's a bottlenecked area where people are constantly bumping into other people, which inevitably leads to some jerk-off trying to prove how tough he is by fighting someone who accidentally shouldered him while trying to slip by, drink in hand.

But I digress.

After the second time he was asked to leave for trying to pick a fight with a former employee who happened to be there, the decision was made for him to be permanently banned. On the walk out the second time, he repeatedly called one of the employees tough guys and told him to fuck off. Being there in person for this part of the incident, I had had enough of this particular idiot and banned him.

Obviously, when informed of our decision, he wasn't happy. The conversation with his friend the next night was even worse.

"Yo...yo, you know I gots respect for you." He said as he offered me his hand. "You know me. But it's okay for him to come in now?"

"Um, no? I thought I just said he was banned," I said.

"I promise he'll behave. I promise!" he pleaded.

"I'm sorry dude, but the decision's been made. He can't come in anymore."

The guy looked a little disapointed for a minute, with his banned friend waiting across the sidewalk hoping for a change in the situation. When they realized it wasn't going to be changed, the banned friend was left out on the sidewalk while the rest of their crew of idiots went inside to drink for the night. Friends to the end, apparently.

A few minutes later, another employee came out to speak with me about the banned guy, and I told him I wasn't changing my mind. This wasn't an issue for my co-worker, who wasn't familiar with the situation. Apparently the friend was busy inside, trying to get his idiot buddy in, who was still waiting on the sidewalk, hoping for a change.

This didn't work in their favor.

I was dumb enough to believe this was the end of it, so I was rather suprised to notice idiots friend speaking with the owner, of all people, about the situation some time later in the night. The owner came up to me to speak about why he was banned, and it only took a moment to explain why and that was that.

Conversation with idiots friend shortly thereafter went something like this:

"Yo, dawg. It's cool he can't come in. I understand," he said, offering me his hand for the upteenth time.

"Really? Because if you understood then why'd you go to two seperate people besides me when I already told you my answer?"

"Nah man, you know I gots respect for you! I would never do nothin' to diss you, bro!"

"The thing is, man, you don't have any respect for anyone. You tried to go over my head to get my decision changed, and it didn't work. Now you can't come in either, retard."

"Awww...shit, man!"


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