Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Reply

Several recent comments and emails have prompted me to reiterate my position as far as it goes in terms of bar work and what I hope for and/or expect from customers.

First off, if I give you great service (which isn't hugely difficult as a bartender, unless we're ridiculously slammed) then I expect a 20% tip - at least. I've gone over proper amounts of tipping based on what you order. Read it, know it, do it. No excuses.

To those who know me and are friendly, I'm an easy going guy who enjoys his job and is excited to see you night after night downtown. More often than not, I like most of our customers and generally have more good nights than bad downtown while I'm at work.

Then there's my other side, the one in which I show on here because of the shitheads who make my night less than pleasant.

Yes, I'm an asshole - to those who deserve it. If you treat me like subhuman garbage, I'm going to be a dick to you, and in all likelihood I'm going to kick you out because I don't have time for your shit and you're a dime a dozen. This isn't a corporate restaurant, it isn't a fucking fine dining establishment and there's no 1-800 number you can call to complain about me. This is the bar business. Get used to it. It's practically the same everywhere.

And I'm the only one you get to deal with, and if you want our encounter to be pleasant, then I recommend that you smile back at me when I approach you respectfully and ask you how you're doing and offer you a drink, or ask to see your ID at the door.

And while I'm on the subject, yes I know where I work and where I'm at on the "food chain" of bars in this world, if there is such a thing. Yes, it's a "college" bar. No shit. You think I don't know that? I still continue to choose to do this because I enjoy it. The other bullshit I endure at work, I complain about on my website, the one that you chose to come read.

I feel I speak the minds of many a doorguy/bartender/bar employee (especially in Athens), because you, as a customer, have no idea the kind of shit you put us through when you drunkenly stagger inside, puke on the bar, treat us like your personal servants, yell and scream at us to quickly fill your drink order, fight with other customers, and then tip 10%. And even more so, you come to my website and tell me to go do something else with my life if I find your actions unacceptable.

So to that I say...fuck off.

Don't like my reaction? Then go eat one.

Thank you.


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for the anonymous shit talkers. I am happy that you are rich/ set for life and can talk shit to people who need jobs in the service industry while they get through college or make some extra money. These people work hard so that you wave your money in their faces and then piss all over the floor. I hope it makes you feel good to treat your waiter/ bartender like shit. And after you've worked them and made them get you everything you don't need, you just scratch that line that says tip. You do this because you it makes you sleep better at night. Then you log onto this website and leave anonymous messages to make you feel even better. I salute you.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Melanie said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It's interesting to read a different perspective on downtown Athens, and I feel like I've definitely become more appreciative of the bar staff. Plus, your stories are pretty entertaining, if not crazy pathetic at times. I really can't believe the way some people behave. But please, keep blogging! My friends and I love it.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bartended for over 15 years. i agree and know it is the truth. BUT..as i have seen ..it must be pretty hard to give good service, (not for u apparently) but others are complete dicks and do not deserve a dime. however i still tip em cause i am a bartender. after a while they warm up..you know money always talks.

i have found it hard to find a GOOD bartender. it is alot more than making a drink.
you sound ok but alot of people, like i could be ..just run their fucking mouth and don't knowq shit.

they think they know how to bartend.
, but are dumbass college students.

thanks for the comments..i laughed like hell and it brought back many memories..my fav from throwing somebody out is with the blacks it is always "its because i am black"
on this one occasion I had just thrown out a white guy who i knew...i went and got him and brought him back in while throwing that guy out...told him it was his lucky day if he would behave cause this guy just pissed me off. :)



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