Monday, May 26, 2008

131 Woes

A comment about my last post made me stop and think about what I wrote and why I wrote it. I thought and thought about the best way to phrase it without pissing anyone off, and then I realized that would only be going against the fundamental reason why I write this blog annonymously in the first place.

First, drunk people do stupid shit. It's true. I've outlined it extensively on this blog, and I don't think anyone is arguing that fact. But how we, as bar employees, react to the aforementioned "stupid shit" has everything to do with whether we end up in the news the next day.

The bar I work at has never had a guy hitting a girl with a beer bottle or one kid slashing anothers throat over bullshit. This is because we, as doorguys, do our job and we do it well. We're picky at the door. We're in constant communication. Our tolerance for bullshit antics and misbehaving is set to a very low level. We don't drink at work. We have a great ownership and management team who have our backs when things happen.

Don't get me wrong, we're not the downtown utopia of bars, but I think things are pretty damn close to great. You should know if you read this blog that shit does happen where I work, and sometimes it can get extremely violent, but that's part of the reason we're here - to stop those things from escalating to a point to where people are getting seriously injured. And to that I say that we do a fucking stand up job. I work with a great staff and they deserve all the credit for it.

That being said, I've been to Level a few times to check it out. I don't personally know any employees there, however, I've done this for some time and I've certainly eyed their floor and door staff the few times I've walked through the front door. They caught my attention, and not in a positive way. If you remember awhile back when Level opened, I said that they would have their hands full when they opened an 18+ spot in the old location of Insomnia. I think I was right in my predictions.

But I'm not blaming the door/floor staff for their problems. I'm not blaming management or ownership, either. I'm not even blaming their under 21 customers. The truth is, I don't know who's fucking up over there, but somebody definitely is. If things like that are happening so much in that club, then maybe it's time to get a metal detector wand like I saw at The Library recently. I don't know about you, but I don't want to go into a club where I need to be patted down and scanned with a wand. What the fuck is downtown turning into?

Drunk people do stupid shit, but it's up to the staff to determine what stupid shit is acceptable: screaming drunk sorority girls or slashing customers with knives and bottles.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

At 7:07 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

It's the same crap at Level 131 that happened at Insomnia before that, that happened at 5th Quarter before that, that likely happened at Oxygen before that, etcetera.

Pack a club full of folks, and I mean assholes to elbows full, insert booty-shaking music and dancing, fuel with alcohol at the very least, and you're asking for trouble.

And please, don't think that this sort of nonsense is confined to downtown. I'm almost certain that much of the same shenanigans are pulled at Bumpers/Country Rock, just with a moderately different clientele.

The constants in any of these happenings at any of these clubs seem to be one of a couple things; guy gets shot down by girl, person invading another person's personal 'dance area', or the classic 'disrespecting of another person'.

Ask your friendly neighborhood door guy, and he'll likely corroborate this.


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