Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quick Reads

It seems like most of you out there understand that our jobs aren't all roses and ponies, except some of you worry about us? Do you worry that we're the crazy ones or do you worry about our safety because some of our customers are crazy? I'm not sure. The smallest percent in that little survery are probably the ones who got thrown out of a bar last weekend for being an idiot.

On another note, please be safe down in Florida or whever you go for spring break. It'll be quiet around here thank God, but at least have someone keep their wits about them while you're drinking even more than usual. This article is true. Date rape drugs are out there, but alcohol is the worst one. Be smart and be safe. I want you all to come back here alive so I can continue to make money off of you. Just kidding. Sort of. But seriously, please be safe and think before you act.

Finally, I'm getting a little fed up with these bartender reviews that the Red & Black keeps doing, and this is why: What kind of credentials does the person writing this have that goes around to random bars rating bartenders based upon one sitting where they have one or two drinks? What extensive experience do they have that allows them to accurately rate any random bartender at any random bar they happen to choose for the week? They must have a plethora of knowledge and experience about the bar business to not only rate any bartender, list the name of the bar and bartender, and then print it in a fairly widely circulated local newspaper. I find it a little presumptuous on the part of the Red & Black to allow this without any kind of explaintaion as to the experience of the writer and a little more detail as to what the writer is looking for when "reviewing" a bartender.

In the end, it doesn't fucking matter. If a bar gets a bad review, I seriously doubt it will do a damn thing to their business anyway. Likely it's a 21 year old (or someone who's underaged, since a name is never printed with these "reviews") who doesn't know a good drink from their fucking asshole.


At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're annoyed with the Red and Black reviews too. The commentary and the ratings don't match. Not to mention that it's probably some 21-year-old who has never worked in the service industry in their entire life. Give us a break if you can't make up your mind about some girly drink you want at midnight when we're really we have tons of time for that.

At 9:25 PM, Blogger hey bartender said...

My favorite is the "sizzling champagne" remark. Not only are you an idiot, but you can't write. But that's okay, because you only go to UGA and it's not required.
Totally stupid.


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