Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things Happen

Awhile ago I decided to go to the gym like I normally do, which usually is a great idea. In the gym, I decided to do some dead lifts, which normally is a great idea as well. During my dead lifts, something in me decided to have some bad form with a little too much weight, and that ended up being a bad idea.

It was a long road to recovery but after icing the hell out of my back, eating Ibuprofen like candy, and cursing at myself for being incredibly stupid, I finally healed up and I could actually bend over to tie my shoes again. The experience sucked, but it made me ponder over previous injuries I've had, both in the gym and at the bar.

Years ago in the gym, I was doing a tricep excercise when I must have had some more bad form, and I ended up severely injuring my left tricep, which to this day still bothers me when doing extremely heavy bench press or military press. I have a constant tingling sensation in my left chest when doing heavy bench press as well.

Kicking someone out years and years back, myself and another bar employee took a very bad tumble down an entire set of stairs - headfirst, mind you - from top to bottom. Somewhere in the fall, I landed on my shoulder wrong and couldn't raise my arm above a 45 degree angle from my body for several months. That too eventually healed. Luckily it was a complete heal.

I've rolled both of my ankles several times, gotten black eyes and swollen cheeks, a busted nose, scraped elbows and knees, multiple scars on my legs, scratched arms, bruised practically everywhere, I've been to the ER several times for work related activities, once for myself and many other times for coworkers, and I have to wonder when the bar will ever offer us health insurance. Probably never.

It's a tough business. Sometimes when people don't like you or the job you have or the decisions that the job forces you to make, people get angry and they become violent towards you. Sometimes you get hurt, and that always sucks. As for myself, I'm getting older and my body seems to take just a little longer every time to heal from the things that happen while at work.

So here's to all bar employees the world over! Be safe out there.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Katie Bonk said...

Sounds like some good workers comp cases to me! Except for the gym injuries- that's just something you should know better about. ;) There's nothing worse than back pain though.

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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