Sunday, March 02, 2008

When You Can't Find a Bathroom

At about 12am I watched the drunk kid stagger out of the bar nearby ours, obviously incredibly intoxicated. His friends walked several steps ahead of him, urging him to keep up with them.

Suddenly, he stopped and it looked like he told them to wait for him for just a second, as he held up his pointer finger for them. Next, he turned to the luxury SUV parked directly in front of him and walked up to it. The SUV was in between my line of sight to him, but it was obvious that he had begun to urinate on it, right there in the middle of a major street going through downtown Athens.

And so he took a piss, while waving at passing cars and pedestrians who could see the whole thing. This was entertaining to all of us for a few minutes (he went for a long time), but it only got really funny when the bike cop going by saw him and did a quick U-turn and subsequently yanked him backwards by his jacket and proceeded to write him a ticket for urinating in public.

It might not sound that funny now, but I couldn't stop fucking laughing.


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