Sunday, December 23, 2007

Close Call

Well, something caught my eye and sounded interesting so I'm posting it, despite the fact I said I probably wouldn't.

This illustrates why downtown can be very dangerous. And this is only one kid who had the balls - or the stupidity - to announce that he was carrying a gun while drunk in a bar. I know, for a fact, that many other people don't announce that they're carrying. And trust me, they're downtown every night.

I've seen with my own eyes people carrying pistols while they're downtown drinking. Then you get a little alcohol in them combined with pissing them off, and you end up with a scene like the one that happened in front of Insomnia several years back and then you have a dead 18 year old kid on your hands.

This is where little issues really make themselves into big ones. You're drinking in a bar, having fun, and some kid shoulders you trying to make their way through the crowd. Or he's staring at you and your "crew" or checks out your "bitch". You don't like it, so words are exchanged. You take it outside and the 12 budweisers you've drank bring you to the brink much more quickly than you would have been if you had been sober. But you're not. You're 19 and drunk and nobody fucks with you. At that point, you're so mad the only thing that makes sense to do is to pull out your illegally carried pistol and empty it into the guy thats pissing you off. Now your little, meaningless issue is a big one because you're now a murderer.

And then you spend the next 20 years to life in prison because you thought going downtown and drinking underaged and illegally carrying a pistol and shooting someone who "dissed" you was the best solution to your problems.

Bravo to the police officers who arrived on scene quickly and took this asshat down. If he didn't do it this weekend, it looks like he was on track to live out the scenario above very soon in his life. I'm really glad it didn't play out like that.

Be safe out there and Merry Christmas.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Katie Bonk said...

My husband was at a bar over Christmas with some friends when he heard something *clank* on the floor behind him. He thought that someone had just dropped their cell phone, so he was surprised when he turned around and saw a shiny 9mm on the ground.


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