Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Guess They Nipped That In The Bud

Well, it happened. We don't need to get licenses anymore as doormen, but now it's required to be 21 years of age to work in a bar (But not a restaurant. Very odd. Don't they serve alcohol there, too?), bans drink specials after 11pm, sets a $1 minimum drink price, and numerous other changes.

My proclaimation, as of now, will be that underaged drinking will be just as rampant as it is now a year from now. These changes will do very little to stop underaged drinking.

Oh, yea. Chief Lumpkin. Perhaps the fathers of Georgia didn't send their daughters to Athens to get their IDs checked by sex offenders (God forbid such an act happen. It sounds horrible.), but I'm almost certain they didn't send them here to drink their own bodyweight in alcohol nightly, dance on bartops, go home with random guys and flunk out of college. That's something that can't be legislated through the bars by the wonderful Athens-Clarke County.

Until the county is honest and admits that targeting the real problem - the underaged drinkers themselves - would put quite a dent in the massive amount of tax money the county collects from the bars, then we have ultimately only had a lot of people going to meetings that didn't get anywhere, and voting about laws that won't stop Johnny the Underaged Frat Boy from shotgunning a case of Natural Light on the weekends with his fraternity brothers before heading down to Bourbon Street with his fake ID that his older brother gave him after he graduated. Don't worry though, the guy at the door will be 21. That'll show 'em!

Way to put on a show for the voters without actually doing anything! So, congratulations. This has all been a monumental waste of time. For you and us.

The only real victor in this is Johnny, who will go out this weekend for the football game and drink himself into a blackout unimpeded.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Johnny and his parents, that is.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger our ministry said...

Well said. I spend much time downtown on weekend nights but in a different capacity - praying with and for people. I appreciate your heart in looking out for stupid kids who don't know any better than to do what they think is "cool." Let me know if there's ever any way in which I can help you. Know that I am praying for your safety and that of your floor team.

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem could be solved easily if the drinking age was lowered. Rampant partying and the risk of alcohol poisoning would go DOWN. Look at other countries who basically don't enforce a drinking age, like in Western Europe. People would be more open about drinking and do it in public, under the watchful eye of authorities. Isn't it kind of ridiculous that someone old enough to go and fight in a war for this country cannot drink alcohol responsibly?


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