Thursday, August 30, 2007

My 100th Post!

I thought this article, The 6 People You Meet in Bars was funny. Check it out.

On another unrelated note, instead of bitching and whining about doorman licenses, minimum ages for bar employees and minimum drink prices, what's our local government doing to prevent shit like this from happening again? This guy was brutally beaten for nothing. These pieces of shit were already breaking the law by panhandling. Apparently, making a law against something won't always stop people from doing it. And now, a perfectly innocent man has brain damage. I wonder where the cops were when this happened? Maybe off enforcing some ridiculous ordinance like the smoking ban or the fabulously effective no-cruising law. Who knows.

Anyway, more fun stuff later. I promise.

First football game of the season in t-minus 2 days and 9 hours!


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