Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Athens Vent

Wow. Don't know how I managed to miss this for so long.

The longer reply in that link, and also the most accurate of them all, is right on the money. I don't matter. I work in a meaningless bar doing meaningless things. I've said that several times. I work a meaningless job standing at a door demanding IDs from my precious customers. And more often than not, I'm seen, and treated likewise, as nothing more than an inconvienence to those of you who are just trying to get inside, get past the formalities, and get fucked up.

However, this particular individual misses a crucial point.

You customers, who so often frequent downtown - and don't try to make a distinction between "college" bars and "real" bars, because the end result is all the same - you're just as meaningless as I. We all come together nightly - you drinking yourselves silly, injesting mind-altering substances and me being the one to make sure you don't do anything too embarrassing or stupid - in the wonderful geographical area of Athens known as downtown. But the difference is, you're there to spend money and I'm there to take it from you.

So who's really the lesser of the two? You decide.

Once again, I post on this blog because somebody reads it. My traffic stats show it. I, if for no other reason, also do it because I can go back and read it and remember the funny things that have happened. No one forces you to read this blog.

Yes, I blog about my job. It's not a unique or new concept. Just because my job blows doesn't mean anything. If you want to read about a job that matters, find a blog about a lawyer blogging about his latest victory in court. My blog is limited to the latest frat boy that I choked out and left in the gutter after he tried to hit me for being caught doing blow in the bathroom. Whatever's more interesting to you is up to no one else but yourself.

The beauty of it all, to me at least, is that no one knows me or where I work. I may or may not be in school. I may or may not have another job. This might be my moonlighting gig. You'll never know. Call me names, call me a failure, call me whatever you wish, but only I'll know the accuracy of it all. It's humorous to see people get worked up over my documentation of a job that I do at night.

And yes, I am a jerk, especially to those indivduals who have no sense of common courtesy to strangers, like some who commented on the Athens Vent, who feel privledged and deserving of special treatment simply because they have some cash to throw around. If defining yourself, like many try to do night after night when I'm at work - and proclaim it loudly and often - by the amount of money you have to spend, then there's a serious lack of any other quality thats important enough to brag about to other every day people who don't invest their time, money and energy in bars and things as meaningless as the nightlife in Athens. Or anywhere, for that matter.

So thank you, for those of you who came to my defense. It really doesn't matter, though. My job is meaningless. This blog is meant to entertain about the ridiculous things that my job entails. If my blog comes across as ridiculous and meaningless, then perhaps now you understand some of the thoughts going through my head as I stand at that door and watch all of you kill brain cells night after night.


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