Friday, June 15, 2007


So I just installed this thing called StatCounter to track my traffic that comes here, not expecting much of anything, and I discovered that somebody is coming here. Not sure who it is, but I guess there are a handful of people out there reading. Which is nice.

I haven't had much to write about recently because, well, I've simply been uninspired. Not to say that what I write requires any kind of inspiration, but, no subject has recently struck me as something worthwhile to spend an hour writing about. However, I recognize that not everyone is intimately familiar with the downtown Athens bar scene, so I figured I would list and describe some of the more popular bars around here, maybe with a little commentary of my own about them, starting at one end of Clayton & Broad Street to the other.

Brogans: Used to be Molly O'Shea's, which was an Irish pub that also served food. I liked Molly's, but I've never been to Brogans. From what I hear, they're very similiar.

The Library: Used to be AMF, then Last call, now it's The Library. A halfway decent place, I guess. Newly renovated in the last year. A little bland on the inside and a shitty crowd, from what I understand.

The Villiage Idiot/Rumor: Village Idiot is a small bar that used to be known as Rum Runners years ago. It's actually a fairly popular place now. I like it. Small and laid-back. Above it is The Rumor - a small dance club and DJ booth occupy the renovated apartment. In my opinion it's sort of a Loft knock-off. Bathrooms are really nice, though.

Luckies: I include Luckies, even though they're closed, because Luckies is a great example of a horrible, horrible ownership and management job. It occupied the old Classic City location. They only lasted a few months. Poor lady is out - by my estimates - of at least a quarter of a million trying to make it successful. Did a bad job. The inside looked like an empty garage, and the staff was a collection of white trash do-nothings who tried to throw around their "bouncer" status with me several times. I wasn't impressed.

Firehouse: Been around for a long time. A bar/dance club. Not a big fan of it, myself.

Flannagans: Nothing special here. An "Irish Pub". Used to hang here when I was 21. Like twice. Downstairs is the Half Moon Pub. Again, nothing too terribly special about this place, either.

J.R.'s Baitshack: A small frat bar. Has an upstairs, too. Not a totally horrible place to go.

Allgood: I really like Allgood. Good crowd, 2 large bars upstairs and down, friendly staff. Outdoor patio. A total turnaround from Gator Haters, which is what it was a few years back. Big fan.

Walkers: A bar and a coffee shop. I like this place. Lots of garage doors to open the place up, and it's really laid back. Also somewhat of a frat hangout.

Chapel: One of the newest places around downtown. Decorated really well, very similiar to, well...a chapel. Really awesome painting on the ceiling. If you can't go to church the next morning, hit up Chapel...I'm sure that counts, right?

Barcode: Kind of dark, but just a decent all-around bar. Has been around for awhile.

The Loft: Used to be Annex, which was not exactly the most pleasant of places to be. Now it's a pretty fun dance club where you don't have to always worry about getting a shank in your side by a thug. Although I only dance when I'm really, really, really shitfaced. Which, never.

General Beauregard's: Owned by the same guys who own City Bar (also a cool place) Generals is a fun place to go, with their Dixieland Tea, rocking chairs, yet the crowd has an overabundance of frat boys and sorority girls. A big negative for me.

Cutters: A nice bar, although I've never been there for any other reason than to see people I know. No complaints about this place.

The Arch: A classy, nice place that hosts all sorts of various functions. I like this place and guys who own it.

El Centro/Roadhouse: Typically the really sketchy bars, I used to kick people out of the places I used to work at for drugs, and I'd walk in and find previously mentioned banned individuals there, glaring at me.

Insomnia: A mostly black dance club that I've never been into. A kid was shot & killed out front a few years ago. Used to be an alcohol-free late night club, but now serves alcohol. Always trouble going on at this place from what I hear. I don't know personally.

Bourbon Street: A super-underaged place that's well known for it's "power hour", which is $1 liquor drinks from 10-11. Mostly freshman frat boys and sorority girls.

Buddha Bar: Also known as "Blackout Bar". A shit ton of blacked-out, overly drunk people here. But I really like the staff and it's pretty nice on the inside.

Max Canadas: (near the 40 Watt) is a really awesome place too. A great outdoor patio, but it's fairly far from the "college" part of downtown. I highly recommend.

Repent: Never really been there, but have only heard good things about it. Near Max Canadas.

Detour: The gay club in Athens. 'Nuff said.

Suprisingly, there are more bars in the 5 block radius that encompasses downtown Athens that I didn't list. A lot more. I'm just not knowledgable enough to say anything about 'em. I spend 3-4 nights a week at my bar working, so do you really think that I want to go out on my nights off and find out? Negative.


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