Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't Touch a Girl

Last night I saw a guy shove a girl. Forcefully. Hard enough to slam her against the bar and spill her drink all over herself.

I know this guy. He works downtown. Has for a while. Has been a regular in other bars I've worked in. This means he has a considerable amount of wiggle room for his acceptable behavior in a bar. To a point.

I like this guy. He's generally an easy going, fun guy to hang out with. I would never consider him a real threat to a girl, or anyone for that matter. We've thrown people out together before.

In the bar business, we deal with a lot of situations. And a couple arguing is one that we see a lot. So we talk about what we would do if we ever saw a guy hit a girl. Most of us agree we would beat the shit out of the guy. Sadly (or fortunately) I've never witnessed a guy beating a girl while in the bar. But we never discussed what we would do if we saw a guy we knew doing something inappropriate to a girl.

So last night I was presented with the situation we always talk about, but with a variable that I had never considered.

Last night this normally easy going guy was drunk. He was angry. And he put his hands on a girl. And the only reason I didn't choke him until he passed out and stomp on his head out back was because I knew him. So I snatched him up, forcefully reminded him where the front door was and shoved him onto the sidewalk.

He got off really, really my opinion.


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