Friday, June 01, 2007


I've never given it much thought until last night, but what does it mean when someone threatens to "buy you"?


"Sorry dude, you can't come in/You have to leave/You're a fucking retard, etc. etc. etc.

"What?!? Fuck you! I'll buy you and this bar! Blah, blah blah...." Goes on a 10 minute rant about his infinite wealth and the people that he knows.

"Right on, dude. You're a rockstar."

What are these people really saying? That they have so much money that they're going to offer me some? Is this a legitimate job opportunity that I've passed up so many times? Perhaps people like this are actually looking for a decent landscaper. I definitely need the money, so maybe I'll find a way to exploit cocksuckers like this in the future.


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