Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Recently we had a night that ended in a floor staff meeting. These are never fun nights. Usually someone is pissed about something and wants to communicate their thoughts to the rest of the floor staff and/or management in hopes that the offending problem is corrected by those involved. However, these meetings are usually called at around 2:45am and we don't get a chance to sit down until around closer to 4am. This means that we'll have plenty of time to finish up working at the bar and talk shit with the other door guys and get even more angry about the situation at hand for over an hour. Guys will grab beers and drinks during this time, getting drunk, only making the situation even worse.

I'm fortunate enough to work with guys who, for the most part, give a shit about doing a good job. Most of the guys don't get drunk on the job. I'm lucky enough to work for managers who actually care about their employees as opposed to only caring about the "numbers". I'm lucky enough to work for an owner who won't hesitate to get us anything we need if it benefits the bar in some way. In a lot of ways, our crowd is much easier to deal with than crowds at other unnamed bars. It can be a lot worse than frat boys...trust me, I'm aware of that. So in those regards, the place I work at is great.

I've worked at other places and the bar I currently work at is a fucking cakewalk compared to how other bar employees are treated by owners and how hard they're expected to work. I'm also sort of given unwritten permission to do just about anything I want in the bar as well. This is because I've consistently proven myself to have the most experience and the right work ethic. This is also why I'm (almost) always posted at the door. They know I do a good job.

I'm not trying to pat myself on the back, nor am I trying to show how much I know. I don't know shit compared to other guys. This is a fucking college town with college students as customers. It's a far cry from "real" clubs and bars in the big cities. It's just that this job is so fucking easy it's ridiculous. I get paid to stand in a bar all night, check IDs, check out hot girls, break up the occasional fight and do a little cleanup at the end of each night. How in the hell can you beat that?

So, when we have a little staff meeting at the end of the night and a door guy is pissed because the manager told him to do something with a tone the door guy didn't like, I'm confused. We're paid better than most bars around town. The owners and managers, for the most part, don't ride us like I know other bars do. Our crowd could be much, much worse. Granted, I hate most frat boys and their irresponsible, inebriated ways, but that shit also pays my bills.

I just wish some of the guys would shut the hell up sometimes and do a little work. Most of them do well, but there are a few that do nothing but complain. Do some fucking work and shut your mouth! We are on the clock while we're there, after all.


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