Thursday, April 19, 2007


I think it's funny to walk into the bathroom of the bar next door while I'm working and find a guy playing around with a little plastic baggy.

"Whats that?" I asked him as I washed my hands.

"Blow. You wanna do a bump?"

"Nah" I say. "I'm gonna have to pass on that."

I promptly walked out of the bathroom, grabbed the nearest door guy and directed him to the issue, then left the bar and went back to mine.

A few seconds later the cokehead reluctantly left the bar, escorted out by a floor guy, and immediately tried to get into the one I was working at. Of course, I had updated the guy at the door and he was refused entry.

I mean, do people even pay attention to what the hell is around them? I walk in with a shirt saying I work at X bar right next door and they still think I'm gonna bury my nose in some powder with them?



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