Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'm really glad I have the next two weeks off from work. I haven't had a new years eve off in almost 4 years. I was really excited about that for a while and then I discovered that new years eve fell on a sunday night, which means I would have had it off regardless. Son of a bitch!

Working new years eve in a bar has (for me) typically been a really strange night. It's known to most of us in the bar business as "amateur night" because all the people who normally don't drink come out and get shitfaced. They proceed to pass out everywhere after puking all over the place. Or, they get their beer muscles on (worse than normal) and fight. All to say, it is probably my least favorite night to work out of the entire year.

My first year working new years eve I brought in the new year smashed up against a really fat dude while I tried to carry an armload of dirty glasses through the crowded floor. The next year I was working the door at the bar I worked at the time and found myself standing next to a very unfortunate looking redneck/trailer trash girl when 12am rolled around. She looked up at me expectantly and I have to say, I've never flat out rejected a girl before like I did to her. Again, no new years kiss for me.

The past year I decided to fix my 12am luck and prepared myself with about 30 seconds left in the countdown. I was bartending and I filled a high ball glass with jager and opened a bottle of champagne and proceeded to chug them both when the ball dropped. Lets just say the rest of my night was muuuuch better after that.

Anyhow, I'm glad I don't work new years this year. No one will around here, except for the bars that serve food since new years falls on a Sunday night. New years is typically the busiest night of the year around here, and thats with all the bars downtown open. I can't imagine the rush that will be felt with the half dozen or so bars that are allowed to be open this year, as opposed to the 30+ places that are normally open. to my alcohol and bar-free two week break! Merry Christmas.


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