Friday, November 03, 2006

Well I finally started a blog to outline my ridiculous stories from working in a bar. I've wanted to do this for a long time but didn't, for lack of a better excuse, because I was just too damn lazy. Or drunk. Or both. Who knows?

Let me give a little background on myself. I live in Athens, Georgia which is home to several colleges, the most prominent one being the University of Georgia which has 35,000+ students. I have worked in the downtown bar business for several years in every possible position at several different bars and have come to love and hate it. However, I started as a member of the floor staff at the first bar I worked at and found it to be my real "passion" in terms of working at a bar. If that's even possible to have a passion while working at a bar...bartending is fun but I have way more fun fucking with customers at the door while I check IDs.

Anyway, I've been working downtown for years and years (no specifics) which is a lifetime in terms of downtown bar employees. I've found most people who work downtown have a shelf life of about a year before they either graduate college, get fed up with dealing with drunks and a fucked up sleeping schedule, or just don't like hard work. For some reason I've continued working downtown for as long as I have simply because I like the excitement of bar work. Make no mistake, this is not what I want to do as a living forever...I have other things I'd like to do that I would call more of a "career" as opposed to this, but the temptation to fuck with dumb college kids is pretty irresistable right now.

I've decided to remain annonymous while posting in this blog only because I don't really want any attention. I fully expect absolutely no one to read this, however, if people ever discover it I really wouldn't want some random kid who I don't even know to ask me about some bullshit post I may write in the future. Also, details surrounding my place of employment will be very scarce. Athens is a pretty small place, especially the downtown scene and it wouldn't take too much detective work to figure out where I work or who I am.

The money is great (when you're working for a bar owner who doesn't screw you over, which can be tough to find around here), the hours are horrible, the customers are grossly underage and have absolutely no clue as to what proper behavior is and even less of a clue as to their tolerance level since mommy and daddy dropped them off in Athens to go to college and left them with their credit card. Out of the house for the first time, they discover the downtown scene and get ridiculously drunk every weekend night, puke everywhere, start fights, talk shit, and generally make my time at work extremely fucking annoying. However, I figure doing this job right now is better than getting the typical nine to five, and it generally leaves my afternoons free to hit the gym, sleep in and do whatever else I need to do.

Anyway, thats the general background on me. I'll probably come back and edit this and hopefully start adding some funny stories very soon.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Oval said...

I anticipate some pretty funny stories. I think I'll link to you for my ease of entertainment.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Brent said...

great stories. i bartended and worked in sweatshop kitchens for years, so i totally empathize. thanks for the hard work...and for regulating the dumbfucks. sorry if i've ever been one.


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