Sunday, May 13, 2007

A much better crowd was around downtown last night than was the night before. No death threats or threats to return back with their "boys" to give me my well-deserved beat down. I always consider that a plus for the night.

Friday was horrible. Admittedly, I fucked up and got slack. That happens sometimes at the door. That doesn't mean it's okay, by management or by me. Management gives you a set of rules, you follow them for months at a time and then eventually aren't as vigilant about who you let in. Then a night comes where you let one slide. Then two. Then a few more over the course of a 6 hours shift, then you're horrified to see what comes walking out at the end of the night and you know you fucked up.

I was pissed. I was pissed that I didn't do my job the way I know it's supposed to have been done. I was pissed other people would think that I'm incompetent. I was pissed at no one else helping me out on the inside. I was pissed that, despite my efforts (and there was some effort), and numerous threats from those not allowed inside, the crowd still blew.

So last night I was the door nazi. Rejected everyone who made me do a double-take at them. Got harder on IDs. Caught the people passing back. Tough shit, you got caught. Kept the drunks out. Enforced the dress code. Did my fucking job.

And you know what? The bar was fucking packed and management gave me a nice little pat on the back at the end of the night.

A bonus would have been better, though.


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