Thursday, May 24, 2007


Going over some of my old entries, I know on here I sound like a dick who is slightly unhinged and likes picking on people. That's only halfway true.

The truth is, my anger and bad attitude are only directed towards those whom I see fit to direct it to.

What I mean by that is the customers who come in the bar and are up to the "standards", I'm more than happy to say hello to, do favors for and go out of my way for. I see absolutely no problem with those people who come downtown, patronize my bar, drink themselves retarded, and leave at the end of the night. Props to them if they leave with someone else. I completely support their decision to have a great time downtown, and when they come in my bar and spend their money, I'm making money too.

Part of my job description, as much as I don't feel it natural for me, is to be friendly to the customers. To an extent, that is. I'll direct you to the employee you're looking for, tell you if they're working tonight, exchange in a little friendly bantor, give you a light for your cigarette, and if I know you & like you enough, maybe even hook you up with a drink.

However, the customers who are on the receiving end of my bad attitude are the ones who aren't allowed inside in the first place for one reason or another, those who have been ejected, or those who give me a bad attitude in the first place. Those are the people who aren't welcome inside & don't fall under the catagory of "customer-in-good-standing" and therefore, aren't entitled to the benefits & perks included with that title, including me being friendly to them with a smile on my face. I feel no obligation to be nice to these people, and I'll avoid them as much as I can. If it comes down to it and they won't leave me alone, that's when I'll tell them what I think. Usually those thoughts aren't pleasant, but at that point I have no problem letting them know exactly what I think, in no uncertain terms.

But as far as I see it, it's only their own fault. I didn't make the dress code. I didn't force those people to come downtown out of the dress code. I didn't force them to get so drunk they couldn't stand up, and therefore, aren't allowed inside. I didn't make them puke on the sidewalk before they walked up to me. I didn't instigate the fight they just got in which got them thrown out. I didn't make them steal the liquor bottle from behind the bar. I wasn't a part of them deciding to rip up the bathroom.

My only guilt lies in the fact that I took this job and continue to work it, which includes keeping you out. That's it.

Yet somehow, it's my fault when they can't get back in or I'm throwing them out. Imagine how I feel standing there, on the receiving end of their insults they hurl at me while standing safely on the sidewalk, only because of their own inabilities to conform to social norms and common sense, and then perhaps you can understand why I do what I do sometimes.


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