Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Athens Vent

I ran across this little gem on Athens Vent recently:

So, AthensDoorGuy obviously works at some place like The Library or Bourbon Street or any one of those horrible college bars on the east end of downtown. I understand your frustration but you'd probably be a lot less frustrated if you didn't work in such a lame place.

The idea, though, that your somehow "tuned in" to the Athens scene because of your job is laughable. Working in crappy, lame, college-kid bars is as generic in a college town as working at McDonalds anywhere else. None of those bars has any personality or class or, even, a distinct identity from one another. They're all ridiculous and, like I said, I feel for you and all the crap you put up with but it should have been obvious from the start."

Certainly, there's many things I can say in response to this post. However, first and foremost I'd like to say that I've never claimed to be anyone special. I stand at a door and check IDs. That doesn't qualify me to be anyone but a guy who is not only close to the bottom rung on the ladder in terms of rank in a bar, but a bar in Athens, Georgia no less. That doesn't say a whole hell of a lot about me, and I'm not unaware of this myself.

This blog that I write in only serves as an outlet for my stupid stories and opinions in relation to the Athens bar "scene". That's almost exactly what it says right at the top of this page. I'm old enough, even an old man by Athens standards, where I realized a long time ago that the last thing I need to try and be is "tuned-in" to much of anything around here. College students are the last people I'd like to try and impress, for more reasons than I care to list -- especially the ones who come into the bar that I work in.

My frustration stems from the ridiculous actions of all customers who frequent downtown as a whole, not just the "east side" of downtown. And as soon as you get enough alcohol in anyone - not just college kids - they do stupid shit. Bottom line. That's something I can claim to know as a certainty, if for no other reason than the fact I've worked down here way too long and seen it too many times. From all ages. I know. And most likely a whole hell of a lot better than you do.

But drunk college frat boys and girls have reserved a special place in my heart as regularly being loud, annoying, and unable to hold their liquor. They may as well spend 6 hours a night standing next to me scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard for all I care. Same shit. That or puking on my legs or trying to fight me. I cringe at the things that they do on a nightly basis, especially when it's aimed in my general direction. But if you'll read back a few posts, I also enjoy my job enough where it's not something that I'm bailing out on anytime soon. Or maybe I am. Why? Who knows. There's a reason for that. It's called money. And the fact that the job hasn't worn me down to that point - yet.

However, to naively assume that annoying "college" customers are only limited to places like Bourbon Street and The Library, or any of the other bars around that area which specifically caters to underaged patrons, is shortsighted and misinformed on your part. They're everywhere around here. Shit, I mean...do you think Athens is the only college town in this country even? Colleges are everywhere, and where you'll find colleges, you'll find underaged retards drinking themselves into oblivion. And right down the street from those vomit stained 19 year olds, you're sure to find a bar or two. They're everywhere.

But I'm sure you know that.

Every bar downtown caters to underaged kids, on one level or another. Downtown wouldn't exist otherwise. Hell, Athens wouldn't exist, at least not to the extent it is now, if there weren't college kids living here to spend mommy and daddys money at any business for that matter.

But you don't know where I work. Which is good. Because you wouldn't be impressed. You'd probably laugh. I wouldn't blame you. But I'm not out to impress anyone anyway.

The last thing I'd like to do is stick up for any bar downtown, at least as far as classy or originality is concerned. You're probably right on the money with our customers. You'll not offend the likes of me for insulting anything about anywhere downtown, including my place of employment. Just keep in mind that you don't know me, or where I work & you just might be wrong.

So fire away with the comments. I'll keep bitching about the customers. And perhaps I'll take your advice and start flippin' burgers somewhere soon.

But as of now, I'd rather choke drunk retards blue, myself. Much more satisfaction in it.


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