Monday, October 01, 2007

Which One to Choose?

Good Idea: On game day Saturday, you and a half dozen of your best friends get up a little early to grab a tailgating spot on north campus. You might bring a grill with some hot dogs and burgers, a bulldogs tent, maybe a radio or even a TV if you're feeling especially excited about the tailgate. The game starts around 3 so it make sense to start tailgating at 12pm.

A few burgers, beers and hours later, you all make your way to the stadium which is just around the corner and have a blast watching the dogs kick the shit out of some SEC team. It's been a long day, seeing as it's about 6:30pm, so you all head back to your tailgating spot, pack up and go home to get some much needed rest. It was a great gameday in Athens.

Bad Idea: There's a home game Saturday afternoon? Fuck yeah. The weekend starts after class Friday (well, technically, the "weekends" in Athens starts closer to Wednesday night or Thursday night, depending on who you ask and how old they are) so you and your best friends pool your weekly grocery money together and all go in on a keg of natural light! After draining half the keg friday night, you head downtown and proceed to drink until 3am like you have nothing to do the next day. Oh, contraire!

Despite drinking copious amounts of alcohol the previous night (in fact, you're still drunk) you manage to get up around 12pm and head down to a friends tailgate where you continue to slam beers until it's game time. You stagger to the game with a bottle of Jack Daniels that you "found" at the tailgate and manage to smuggle it inside. You and your friends pass it around while watching the dogs kick the shit out of...wait, who are we playing? Who cares. Let's get fucked up! By the time the game's over, nobody wants to sleep! You head back downtown and continue to drink. The last thing you remember is heading to Walkers around 11pm. The only small flashes of memory you have of the rest of the night involve laughing alot, getting angry at some doormen who won't let you in, taking a few shots at Generals, and talking some shit to a few kids and, oh...of course the cops.

You wake up the next morning face down on your bed, still completely clothed and stinking of vomit and beer. You're bruised all over and completely exhausted. Your wallet and cell phone are missing. Somehow your car made it home, but its parked halfway on the grass and halfway in a parking space. The headlights are still on. You search your pockets and find a citation for urinating in public. Oh, well...who the fuck cares? The dogs won and you've got another home game to get ready for this weekend! Yeah! College rules!


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Irresistible Woman said...

Hilarious! Reminds me of my college days. Aaah, memories.


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