Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heidi Gill

Anyone watching the news today has undoubtedly heard about the plight of poor Heidi Gill, also known as the latest victim of so-called "police brutality".

Before she was so unfairly tasered and "brutalized" by Officer Rich Kovach, Heidi was drinking herself into oblivion at local Warren, Ohio pub called Up A Creek tavern after a friends wedding. Shockingly, there was a reception at this wedding. I try not to make assumptions, so there's no way to tell how drunk she was, but she admits to having had "some drinks" at the reception before heading to the bar. If I were to make an assumption, it might be that Heidi had been drinking a fair amount by the point the staff at Up A Creek had a problem with her.

Apparently, drunken - yet still innocent - Heidi had what she called "a disagreement" with one of the bartenders at Up A Creek tavern. Put that way, her actions sound fairly innocuous, however, our innocent victim quickly found herself escorted out of the pub and tasered as a result of her actions.

Wow. That sounds harsh, huh?

The media sure can slant some shit in favor of our poor, drunken victim, however, having worked in the bar industry for a minute or two, I have another viewpoint that seems a little more believable.

In my long, illustrious career in the bar, I can count on one hand the number of girls I've had to escort out of a bar. And the worst of the guys who I've escorted out can't hold a candle to the attitude some of the girls have had with me. I'm fairly forgiving of girls in the bar, and I rarely kick them out, so to me, the fact this woman was escorted out of the bar is a huge red flag. She must've done something fairly serious to get kicked out. Something more than just a "verbal argument".

The nice little red cherry on top of her getting kicked out is the fact that the police were called. Officer Kovach responded to a "fight/disturbance" at the bar. So somebody called the cops on this girl. I've never had to call the police on any girl. Ever. So, in my mind, she must have actually been enough of a problem to warrant calling the cops.

At this point, the officer makes contact with our victim, and she responds by refusing to give her name and running away from the officer. He's there to determine if a crime has been committed and she's been temporarily stopped and now, by running away, she's refusing to cooperate. She then jumps into an SUV - one that wasn't hers - and refuses to get out. According to her, she "may have gotten into the wrong car" she says. I don't know about anyone else, but it's not typical for me to get into the wrong car. Hmm...drunk?

Ok, so lets recap: Drunk, got into a "verbal argument" with the bartender & kicked out of a bar as a result, police are called on her in response to her actions after that, she refuses to cooperate with police, runs away, enters a car that wasn't her and refuses to get out.

And out came the taser. Once secured in Kochs patrol car, it wasn't over. Oh, no. Our innocent victim kicks at a window before she's tasered again. She eventually hits her head and is knocked unconscious and is taken to the hospital.

So now Gill is angry. She feels she was mistreated. She feels the officer shocking her wasn't justified. She claims to have various after effects from the taser.

Well you know what, Gill? I'm angry too. I've been mistreated too. I stand at a bar and get shit from stupid, drunken customers - much like you - all the time. Sometimes they give me enough shit to where I choke them and throw them in the street. Then the complaining starts. "I didn't do nothin'!"

Apparently, when one injests alcohol and acts retarded in public, they're not responsible for their actions. And they're surprised when I take their physical threats as real ones and a bouncer tosses them in the street or the cops arrest them.

This girl got tased and arrested for being a drunken, screaming, crying, unpredictable mess who had spent a majority of the day injesting a substance that substantially altered her mood and behavior before she was ejected from a bar and tased by the cops.

I say good for the cops. If that bitch shows up in court, I say pin her down and tase her again.

Can't handle drinking and the consequences for acting like a total and complete dipshit?

Then don't drink.


At 3:52 AM, Blogger Steven said...

It would have been a different story if the cops hadn't shown up and arrested her. Imagine th headline, drunk driver kills innocent peadestrian or other road user, would it even make the news, certinly not, as a society worldwide we accept this and get on with our lives, if we are the lucky ones who dont get killed by these drunk idiots. Wel done to the cops for using their tsar guns to get the drunk bitch out of the SUV.

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Jazzy1 said...

You two brainiacs need to re-read the news reports until you are able to understand them better. Number One: She was not attempting to drive a car. Number Two: Many reports indicate that the officer was not called to the scene but happened upon it by coincidence. Bars like Up A Creek and the one you work in are not exactly The Ritz. Like the misogynistic bully of a cop who will hopefully not be allowed on the streets of Warren, Ohio - or anywhere else - anytime soon, the bartender wouldn't have recognized a lady with class if she'd jumped up and kicked him in the butt.

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this broad , she fought a teen at Denny's , and she gives great head


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