Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's all bullshit, really.

Every once in awhile, things come into perspective, and when something like this happens, it makes you take a step back and ponder the important things in life...mainly, staying alive.

It happened Saturday during Twilight. A hectic weekend already, made worse by a professor gone crazy and three homicides in just a moment.

When you take that step back and give yourself a moment to consider what's important and what isn't, the world of downtown and bars and drinking and fights and trying to fuck that hot piece of ass dancing on the bar at Barcode just doesn't really seem like it should rank high on your list of priorities.

The good news is, however, by this weekend most people won't care anymore and will head downtown en mass to try to blackout the memories of the previous weekend.

But at least for a few days, you cared about something more than just partying your college years away.


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