Saturday, April 04, 2009

The New Job

It doesn't really matter where you go. It could be a the local dive bar on the corner, the mega dance club in the city, the college bar next to campus, or an upscale bar at a fine dining restaurant. There's always a common thread that runs through each of these customers, and every bartender is going to have a preconcieved notion about every person who walks up and orders a drink.

I've found that true as I've started my employement at a place so different than the bars I'd normally found myself behind in Athens. Regardless, I still think that you're a little different and strange for coming to a bar by yourself to order drinks and watch the sports channel. I wonder what your story is. I want to know why, for example, it was so important that you rushed in to the bar in the middle of the day, ordered a Captain and Coke, downed it in less than a minute, and then rushed out. Why? I wonder about the older guy who was at the bar buying drinks for literally any girl within a 15 foot radius of him (and I mean any girl), and finished his night off by buying a $135 dollar bottle of wine (which he graciously let me sample). Did he really need to get laid that badly than running up a $350 tab was necessary? Did he actually get laid? Who's to know.

My new adventure, so far, seems to simply be an excercise in human behavior with a little bit of booze thrown in. It's a far cry from Athens where it was an excercise in how much booze could one person consume without passing out or dying. I can't say I'm disappointed so far, but I may have to find another angle to look for while I try to make this blog interesting again.


At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've got a day shift bar job now. Having all of my siblings as bartenders has instilled in me that importance of getting to know your local 'tender. He might not going to want to hang out with me and my friends on a Friday night, but having someone who has seen you run the gammet on emotions and knows exactly what drink you need at 5:30 pm to get you through the rest of the night is not something to sneer it. So ask your new clients what they do that they need a jack and coke during their lunch hour! They'd probably appreciate an ear to talk to more than you know.


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