Thursday, August 14, 2008

The First Weekend Back

Although I have to apologize for my lack of posting anything that could be considered a story, I'm rather surprised at the attention my last post, all of one sentence, has attracted.

Luckily this weekend is going to be one in which I expect to be nothing short of ridiculous. The students are moving back into the dorms today, as I write this in fact, and I imagine in about 8
hours they're going to be all amped up and ready to go downtown and give that new fake ID a shot. They rest of the kids that already (sort of) know the ins and outs of downtown will surely be hitting it up this weekend. I imagine a ridiculous intake of alcohol will be on their list of things to do as well.

As for my last post, my feelings are that yet another law directed towards the bars is again a misguided effort to punish those of us who are doing our jobs and more of nothing towards those actively trying to break the law. I know every door guy isn't as honest as I am, but lets face it: For every dirty door guy knowingly letting in underaged kids or selling drugs or beating people up in the back ally, theres hundreds of underaged kids running around with fake IDs, doing blow in the bathrooms, driving drunk (regardless of if they drank the alcohol in a bar or at a keg party), and doing everything they can to to live our their college careers in a substance induced haze. But hey...let's arrest they door guys, right? Great plan.

On a side note to all the kids moving into the dorms and apartments this weekend: When you decide to go downtown and get obliterated drunk this weekend, stop for a moment and consider your poor, sober door guy that you're giving shit to when arguing over your fake ID. Please?


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And consider your poor, sober UGA bus drivers who have to take you downtown from like, Brumby, and know full well what you're going to do there. Don't give them hell, either.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Katie Bonk said...

Good luck!!

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Duncan said...

Why do bouncers even care about fake ids? You can't get in trouble if you let a person under 21 in. Most people know their limit and know how to drink responsibly - or at least as responsibly as over 21s - by the time they are in college.

I'm 21 now but I had a fake ID before and I've used it since high school. I never passed out and I only drank responsibly. If I was a bouncer now, I wouldn't want to be a dick to underage people.


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