Sunday, November 25, 2007

Joseph Mills

As anyone who reads the paper knows, Joseph Mills has been arrested twice in the last few weeks for stalking and sexual battery.

He's been the suspect in the white van attacks, but now apparently has been cleared of those suspicions because he was busy assaulting other girls while the real van attacker was raping his victims.

Charming, huh?

Joseph is about 5"6, 160 lbs, and normally wears slacks and tucked in button up shirts - typically dark colored - and is usually alone. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him regularly hanging out with anyone. I hate to name bars he hangs out in because there's nothing wrong with any of these places, but I feel a need to let people know where they might see him. As word has it, he's usually in Allgood or Wild Wing. Any place worth its salt has permanently banned him by this point, though.

Over the years, he's taken a liking to employees of certain establishments and goes out of his way to go see them while they're working. Interestingly enough, he figures out their work schedules and will come in when his object of affection is working. Usually it's the female bartenders or servers. And he'll sit there. And stare at you. For hours. And hours.

So fellow doorguys, it's a great idea not to share bartenders schedules with random dudes like Joseph who come around asking, because before you know it, you've got a weird little guy coming around all the time to bother the hell out of the girl behind the bar who's helping to make your money.

He's a creepy little motherfucker. If you ever talk to him, it'll take about 2 seconds of weird conversation before you'll think he's a creepy motherfucker, too. To make things even more strange, he doesn't drink. Never seen him take a sip of any kind of alcohol at all. Ever.

If it's possible to make things even more weird, word has it that he still lives with his mom and has no plans on moving out.


Did I mention that he's 24?

I can't imagine what the hell was going through his head trying to get random girls into his car in the middle of the night after they've been drinking and they're walking home. On top of all of this, following them to their apartment and trying to come in under the guise of checking to see if they made it home okay would creep anyone out.

Trying to kiss random girls on the sidewalk? Very strange.

So you've been warned. Odds are, if he's not in jail I can't imagine him staying away from downtown. I personally haven't seen him in awhile, but my sources tell me he was downtown as recently as two weeks ago.

Please be careful.


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