Thursday, September 17, 2009

More from the AJC...

...from North Campus the next morning.

I've been to a few pretty wild tailgating partys at North Campus before, but I've never seen a mess quite like this before.

Personally, I couldn't care less. I'm not a UGA student, and the bigger mess thats left tailgating means there's more people out to come booze it up at the bars that night, which means more money for me (and the bar). has to beg the question: Who does this? Where does 70 tons of trash come from? How can you bring so much shit to tailgate with, and then just leave it lying everywhere?

I'll tell you who. The same shitheads who drunkenly stagger up to me at the door at the bar at 1:30am, bitching that I won't let them in because they've been binge drinking for the past 12 hours. They're so drunk they can't understand why I won't let them inside, and are even less likely to remember that they left their coolers, tailgating tents, dozens of used solo cups they used for beer pong, and torn-open trash bags full of their shit all over the fucking place on campus.



At 7:56 AM, Blogger kaleighbelle said...

This is ridiculous...yet another garish display of drunken pride for the University of Georgia. Why is it people will dress like they're going to a wedding, act like they love UGA more than life itself, and then get completely shit-faced and destroy campus?

BTW, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am entertained. I'm old...I went to UGA a few years ago and no longer "belong" downtown. We went to a couple of bars a few weekends ago for a friend's birthday, and it was painfully obvious that we were way to old to be there...clue number one...I was wearing jeans...not a heinously short "party" dress with stiletto heels. Second clue...we ended up at the 80's bar with the rest of the lame folks. I kinda felt sorry for the guys working the door of that bar...they were getting bitched at for ID'ing a bunch of people who are obviously old enough to be would think they would be flattered...I guess people just need a reason to be assholes.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Nunyaa said...

Grotty people, no sense of self respect or pride. In my own observations and I realise this may not be the norm everywhere, women are the worse drunks, more so than men.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger LordSomber said...

I would say that it makes me ashamed to live here, but then I try to tell myself that all these slobs are from out of town.


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