Saturday, September 05, 2009

About Time

I've been talking about doing this shit for years now.

The bars downtown - if the owners/staff allow it - are havens for drug dealers. They're dark, loud, and most everyone is hammered, so it can go unnoticed fairly easily. Most of the time those drug dealers have a lot of extra cash to throw around and usually spend it at the bar, so the owners don't mind turning a blind eye if they're selling some dope on the side to customers who would end up having it anyway.

I'm lucky to have avoided those kinds of bars, for the most part, throughout my employement downtown. They attract the worst of the worst as far as customers go, and a coke bar goes downhill very fast.

I wonder what took the cops so long to do these sorts of busts? They're a great idea and if the cops would spend a little time poking around inside the bars that have the bad reputation for drugs, they'd make a whole lot more felony arrests for drug possession/distribution instead of arresting underaged drinkers for misdemeanors.

Personally, I'd rather see a drug dealer behind bars than a 19 year old college kid who just happened to get caught drinking like the rest of the college population throughout the entire country.


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