Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well it's official. I'm back.

...sort of.

I've agreed to help the bar I used to work at temporarily and on a very limited basis. Last weekend was my first night back in quite some time, minus the few nights I helped several months back.

I stood at the door, just like I used to do, and of course I was rained on the entire night. Literally and figuratively. Surprisingly, the rain of insults and threats wasn't quite as heavy as I remember it being, but perhaps it was just an off night.

Downtown was packed, as I knew it would be, and we were overwhelmed at the door by the massive crowds, as I knew we would be.

I saw one kid get incredibly angry at the door guy working at the bar adjacent to mine because he was refused entry. He was refused entry because all he had was his DUI citation. The police had, apparently, taken his license away. Standard protocol for these alcoholics is to blame everyone else for their misfortune, forgetting that the entire reason that they have no license is their fault. The door guy, all 130 lbs of him, stood his ground and wouldn't let the drunk in. I was proud.

We had a funny little shoving match at one point at the door. The hordes of people made this very confusing and I stood there, not willing to wade through the ocean of drunk college kids to break something up on the sidewalk, which was far outside of my jurisdiction. Plus, I just didn't care.

I saw a guy puke on himself. Always quite entertaining, in a very nauseating way.

As I left the bar, I saw another girl hunched over on the sidewalk, her guts spilled out onto the ground with two of her friends flanking her, rubbing her back. On the drive home, I passed through one of the many roadblocks I had heard about all night. Of course, being the sober driver that I am, I passed through just fine.

But all to say, I'll post a few new ones this weekend, given that theres something worth posting, after I work there this Saturday night.


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Moondawg said...

Welcome back - have missed your stories!


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