Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Reads

This makes no sense. 27 years old and hitting people with beer bottles in downtown Athens? Grow up, man.

I'm just now hearing that Detour is closed. It's a shame that the owners/managers couldn't get their shit together to renew one of the most important things you need to operate a bar downtown. That's a shame.

Finally, this is just ridiculous. As a doorman, discriminate is what you do. It's your job. Of course, not based upon race, but on a number of things that I judge everyone by. Your level of intoxication, your attitude, your looks, whether I suspect you're underage, if you're under the influence of drugs or might do something that we deem to be inappropriate at some point, and yes, even what you're wearing.

Dresscodes have been used for years by doormen worldwide. Dress nicely, get inside. Don't dress nicely, risk getting rejected at the door. I have no idea what the doormen at The Ritz did or how they handled this situation, but it something stinks here. Something isn't right.

I'll save my ranting for later, but enjoy these short reads.


At 1:36 AM, Blogger hey bartender said...

Yeah, God knows that they never have any black people in The Ritz! WTF?

At 8:48 PM, Blogger 8es said...

just wanted to drop you a line... this is Mark and I was one of the minority partners at Detour. I agree with you.. it was quite shitty what the operating partners did to the employees at Detour. I had to find out 3rd hand that we were closing and I am A PARTNER there. anyways, I appreciate what you do here and you'll here from me in the future


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