Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Check These Out...

I've updated my links to the right. I removed a few websites that haven't been updated or that have removed my link from their site, and added a few new ones.

These guys below have been nice enough to link my blog, which is basically a collection of meaningless, bullshit stories, so the very least I can do for them is plug their internet offering on here.

Anarchy in Athens

This is a new blog. If he keeps it up, it could be good. He's got a focus on nightlife in Athens, GA from the perspective of a 5th year college student with nothing to lose in his last year of school. Barely a hint of a conscience shows through in his writing, as he seems to only be interested in figuring out how to get laid regardless of where he is or what he's doing (usually it involves getting shitfaced downtown or at a party somewhere). It will be nice to hear the perspective of the experienced downtown college student on his way out. While there's a few things in there that make me raise an eyebrow, for the most part I like his dry sarcasm and pessimistic humor.

I'll be reading.

Dawgs Nightlife

This guy is someone who's been around downtown for awhile, and he's started up a photography business & website that focuses on Athens nightlife; primarily places to go when you're out, specials, hours of operation, etc. And pictures. Lots of them.

I've seen him walking around with his camera, so if you're in one of the bars he frequents to take photographs in, you might find a yourself on the opposite end of his lens. Nothing helps a hangover the morning after a wild night downtown than to log on to Facebook & find a professional photo of yourself in a bar you don't remember going into, raising your arms in the air with a lazy eye and a Jager stained shirt for the entire world to see.

Join his Facebook group, too: Dawgs Nightlife on Facebook


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