Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Here

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's here. The big weekend. The next several weekends downtown, at least in the past, have rivaled home game weekends for the amount of people that I see stumbling down the sidewalks.

It won't be all fun and games, however. Cops have planned
checkpoints around town this weekend to ensure everyone's "safety". In other words, they're going to make 10 to 30 DUI arrests this weekend to capitalize on the potential revenue of drunk drivers, make some examples of a few kids and do the politically-correct,obligatory beginning-of-the-school-year-arrests that will make for good press coverage in the ABH come Monday morning. So unless you have an extra 6 to 8 thousand dollars laying around, a bunch of free weekends to do community service, and a really good friend willing to drive your ass everywhere for the next 12 to 18 months, I would get a cab or a sober friend to drive the car.

And if that wasn't enough, I guarantee you'll see an increased police presence downtown. While UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson says that they are staffing no more officers this year than in past years, he doesn't speak to Athens-Clarke County Police or the Georgia State Patrol.

Mark my words: You will see more cops downtown riding around on bikes, more patrol cars cruising around town, and for the bar owners and managers out there, you will see the Fire Marshall's walking around downtown taking inventory of bars that are overcrowded.

I commented before that I would take pictures and post them, and this weekend I really will.

Until then, keep the contents of your stomach off the sidewalk, your wrists free of handcuffs, your bad attitude at home, and your tips at or above 20% when you're downtown drinking.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Becky said...

I don't get out much so reading your blog has been a real education for me.
I'm going to be a regular visitor from now on.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't noticed an increase in police yet. I'm sure it will crank up this weekend.

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