Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Well, I'm a little stuck. Back a few years ago when this blog got a lot more traffic and I was a lot more pissed off to be stuck working at the bar full time, I had at least a few subjects queued up to write about at any given time.

I even started a new post earlier today while I slacked off in my cubicle at work, pretending to be busy, about a fight I got into a few weeks ago in the bar. I ended up erasing the entire thing because its just the same damn thing I've written on here time and time again. I choke someone out and then I go take a few shots to celebrate. Big fucking deal. The "twist" in my story was that his girlfriend scratched me as I drug her boyfriend towards the door, as you can see in the very first attached picture of myself that has ever been posted on this blog before.


How so very interesting. This blog has, over the years, simply gone over a majority of the shit that happens in downtown Athens during the hours of 10pm and 4am. Just read back over the past several years of entries. I'm just not sure what the hell else I can say that I haven't already said.

I literally sat here and tried to think of something - anything - that has happened since my glorious return to the bar business that I hadn't already experienced or seen before, and I realized I had absolutely nothing new to share.

I suppose I can go over how we get incredibly hammered after work. Or during work. How the guys look for a new bar slut to go home with on an almost nightly basis. How not everyone who works in the bar business breaks up fights with minimal force. Sometimes a few punches get thrown in there. How your bartender might be under the influence of a number of different substances at any given time.

But all of that should be common sense. This is the nightlife industry, after all.

I've painted a nice little picture of what happens downtown, but the truth is that even though I consider downtown Athens to be the nightlife training bra for kids away from their parents for the first time, bad shit can happen. And it does. Bar employees can get caught up in it too.

I promised pictures a few weeks ago and even wandered around downtown to try to find something funny and worth putting up, but came up with nothing.

Well...that's not entirely true. I found this leaning against a wall having trouble standing up at 2:15am last weekend; and believe me, I'm just as confused as you are as to why this handsome young man went home alone to cry himself to sleep that night:


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