Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today, I thought I'd scour the internet for a few real life examples of what a doorguy has to put up with on a regular basis. It's all good and well reading about it here, but next to experiencing it in real life, a video can help translate it that much better.

This first video is one of the more popular ones. This takes place on the sidewalk out front of some unknown club or bar. The kid is wasted and he won't go home. I'm guessing he and his girlfriend got kicked out for something, but most likely it was just him who got booted. Why he doesn't just go home, I have no idea.

This next video is a trailer for a documentory that came out a few years ago called "Bouce: Behind the Velvet Rope". All about bouncers in big clubs in major cities in the US and England, it's a little extreme, especially since alot of the guys in the video, one especially, just love kicking the shit out of people. I own the DVD and was kind of disappointed by it to be honest, but the trailer itself is fun to watch.

This next one is a little longer. The black guy is trying to get back into the club for one reason or another, and eventually the guys inside get sick of his shit and come out. The ending is the best.

This one's kind of funny. Some girl is drunk and starting shit at a local bar while a band is playing, is generously given a warning about fighting and, I assume, told to settle down, and then later, takes a run at whoever it was she was pissed at initially. She's escorted out and told to "get the fuck outta here".

This last one is my favorite. Set somewhere in England, its some kind of documentory about bouncers. A guy is tossed out, and does the obligatory standing and taunting from outside the door, and unwisely tries to take a run at the half dozen or so doorguys. It doesn't end well for him.


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